Meet Our Office Yoga Teachers:

Elena Moreo

Elena Moreo: Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

I took my first yoga class in 2004 while I was recovering from a painful injury and I immediately felt the benefits of the practice on my body and mind. Encouraged by the speed of my recovery and by the sense of calm and wellbeing I experienced in every class, I continued to practice Iyengar yoga under the guidance of Orla Punch and Greg Walsh and later started to practice Vinyasa Flow yoga with Rohan Hennessy. I immediately fell in love with the freedom and dynamism of Vinyasa Flow, which resonated with my life experiences and personality at a very deep level and benefited from Rohan's skills and encouragement. In 2009 I completed the Vinyasa Flow teacher training programme run by David Curtis and Ruth Walshe who shared their detailed knowledge and teaching experience with great generosity.

Vinyasa flow yoga is somehow less definable than others style because it is inherently dynamic and incorporates insights from different traditions. In a Vinyasa Flow practice, we move from pose to pose in sequences of movements while connecting to the rhythmic flow of the breath. Iyengar alignment principles often apply and emphasis is placed on the energetic actions within poses and the dynamics of "letting go"and "yielding", always allowing space for creativity and individual exploration. Vinyasa Flow can be an intensive and physically challenging practice but its step-by-step approach accommodates different abilities and intentions and allows building up strength and flexibility progressively and safely.

I am a dedicated student and teacher and I continue to explore different styles and approaches to teaching. I wish to thank all the teachers and students in Samadhi who have been rich sources of knowledge, wisdom and guidance throughout the years.