Meet Our Office Yoga Teachers:

Liam Condon

Liam Condon: Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

I completed my teacher training in Hatha Yoga in Samadhi in Dublin in 2016, 17 years after beginning my yoga practice. At that time, my intention was to improve flexibility for my first love – surfing. Living in Donegal, I loved sharing my passion for the ocean with others: seeing people’s faces light up, experiencing total presence on a wave, and sharing that feeling of connection with the ocean resonated deep inside me. Since then I have found that surfing and yoga complement each other perfectly. The world sustains us moment to moment through our breath. By bringing awareness to breath in yoga practice we come to remember our connection with the world. Coming into the moment, into the body, taking our place on the mat, and in the world, can be seen as one and the same.

I endeavour to bring the asana and philosophies of different traditions to my class for the purpose of giving you a varied, playful practice that will tone the body and hone the mind.