What Is Yoga All About?

  • Describe yoga

    Yoga is a series of physical postures, breathing techniques and mental exercises, which tone the body, relax the mind, and refresh the spirit. It is an ancient Indian practice used by sages and holy men to still the mind and relax the body in preparation for deep meditation. Yoga has been extensively studied in recent years and has been found to have many physical, psychological and medical benefits.

    What to wear to class?

    Bare feet and comfortable clothing that will stretch as you stretch. Expect to become very warm, and cool down during relaxation.

    Do I need any equipment?

    A sticky yoga mat, an empty stomach, and an open mind! If you do not have access to yoga mats then let us know and we can make an arrangement.

    I hear there are different styles of yoga?

    Yes indeed, there are many different styles, from athletic Ashtanga to meditative Hatha, from alignment based Iyengar to dynamic Vinyasa. We specialise in the classical styles of yoga, as they come from India. Office Yoga only works with highly qualified, certified, experienced and fully insured instructors. we can discuss what style would be most appropriate to your needs when we arrange a class for you.

  • Here you can watch a yoga demo by Greg Walsh.